Tsvikly (Ukrainian Beet Horseradish Relish)

Servings: 1 litre
Prep. Time: :35 / Total Time: 3:00

9 to 10 medium beets
15 ml / 3 tsp. salt
250 ml / 1 cup fresh grated horseradish (look under fresh ground horseradish)
15 ml / 1 tbl sugar
250 ml / 1 cup cider vinegar
15 ml / 1 tbl dill seeds or caraway seeds (optional)
5 ml / 1 tsp. ground black pepper

Cut off beet tops to 1 cm / 1/2 inch. Scrub well. Cook covered with water over low heat until peel slips off easily, about 2 hours.
Cool in liquid. Slip off peel, and cut off taproot, and grate in processor. In a large bowl, mix beets with other ingredients. Taste and adjust seasoning. Pack in jars, cover, and refrigerate at least 3 days.
Keeps well in refrigerator.

Comments from contributor Olga Drozd : This very popular concoction is welcome at any festive table, not only for its tart and tangy taste, but also for its refreshing colour. It accentuates roasts, smoked meats, pashtet, egg dishes and casseroles.


Ukrainian Khrin (Fresh Ground Horseradish)

Servings: 1 recipe
Prep. Time: :30 / Total Time: 1 day

1 (6 to 8-inches) fresh horseradish root
125 ml / 1/2 cup white vinegar
10 ml / 2 tsp. salt
15 ml / 1 tbl sugar

Scrub horseradish, peel, and cut into 2 cm / 1 inch chunks. Grate chunks with a steel blade in processor, with feed tube covered. Heat vinegar with salt and sugar. With machine running, add to horseradish. Spoon into small glass jars, rapping gently to remove air, and seal. Refrigerated, horseradish stays fresh and pungent for 2 weeks or so.
Comments from contributor Olga Drozd :
Use the food processor to grind horseradish, or grate by hand if you dare. Wear rubber gloves for protection. Do not breathe vapours; ventilate kitchen well. This prepared horseradish is used to flavour beets, hot white sauce, and many other bases as a condiment to eggs and meats.



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